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Covid-19 Coronavirus

From Wednesday, December 2, worship services in churches are once again allowed, subject to strict conditions. Some churches may be open for private prayer. In most cases, services will continue to be broadcast online, but this will vary from church to church.

More information for individual churches is available on this webpage, although this may not always be fully up to date. Alternatively, check individual church websites, or contact the church direct.

Tempo FM 'Thought for the Day'

Thursday lunchtimes at about 2.15pm on 107.4FM

A valiant band of contributors from the churches in our district provide a weekly Christian message for listeners to Tempo FM, Wetherby's very own local radio station. Do listen out for them if you get the chance - or just listen to Tempo anyway.

If you fail to catch them live, then you can find past 'thoughts' on this website here.

Better Wetherby News

Better Wetherby October Newsletter

The lastest news from the Better Wetherby group is available to read and/or download.

Click on the image to the left.


Community Care Volunteers

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response in the Wetherby Ward

One of the encouraging things about the current Covid-19 pandemic is that many people are volunteering their services to help those who are in need.

It is important that this co-ordinated wisely, both to protect those in need and those that volunteer. Our three ward councillors (Cllrs. Alan Lamb, Norma Harrington and Linda Richards) have drawn attention to the dedicated volunteer network that has been established by Leeds City Council.

Please note that volunteers should be healthy and low risk.

There are two tiers of volunteers:

  • Tier 1: DBS-checked assistance
  • Volunteers who have a current DBS and would be willing to volunteer to carry out non-personal care tasks to assist people with care and support needs. Such tasks might include: shopping, collecting prescriptions, preparing a meal, assistance with laundry, just checking/reassurance by visit or phone call, sitting with someone for a while. This list is not exhaustive. We would support volunteers with training where appropriate and they would be issued with an identification badge.

  • Tier 2: Neighbourly assistance
  • People looking out for their neighbours who may be in some way or another vulnerable but not in receipt of formal care whether self-funded or state supported. This might be about supporting people who choose to self-isolate. It will also include the deployment of volunteer community leaders to support community cohesion related activities.

If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at www.doinggoodleeds.org.uk.

Check our online Calendar for (possible!) events...