Tempo FM 'Thought for the Day - catch-up

This is where you'll find past editions of Tempo FM's 'Thought for the Day'. It isn't a complete set, as some broadcasts made outside of the various lockdowns, were done live, and not recorded.

The speakers are all members of churches in the Wetherby Area.

Date Speaker Topic Duration  
15-Apr-21 Heather Shipman Duty 5:08 Listen
8-Apr-21 Chris Bishop The resurrection: fact or fantasy 5:07 Listen
1-Apr-21 Charlie Connor Easter 6:07 Listen
25-Mar-21 Keith Hartrick Easter 5:33 Listen
18-Mar-21 Donald Milne Red Robin 4:07 Listen
11-Mar-21 Heather Shipman Liminal times 5:13 Listen
4-Mar-21 Yvonne West World Day of Prayer 4:00 Listen
25-Feb-21 Janet Cox Deserts 5:24 Listen
18-Feb-21 Chris Bishop Thank you 4:08 Listen
11-Feb-21 Charlie Connor Dust to dust 5:16 Listen
4-Feb-21 Keith Hartrick Reaching forward 6:01 Listen
28-Jan-21 Donald Milne Hope 6:28 Listen
21-Jan-21 Janet Cox Wedding at Cana 5:00 Listen
14-Jan-21 Heather Shipman Pantomimes 5:04 Listen
7-Jan-21 Lt Yvonne West Happy new year 4:52 Listen